By Clair Hill - February 1st, 2024 | Posted in Article

The developments to the playground area at the secondary site over the past two years have helped to create a purposeful area for our pupils to enjoy their breaks in, as well as allowing our gardening club to flourish.

A firm favourite amongst the pupils is the MUGA where pupils often enjoy playing football at break time. Many of our Key Stage three pupils enjoy playing in and around the new building work allowing them to play hide and seek and chase. Some pupils also enjoy using the exercise machines, of which they have a choice of three.

Other pupils simply like sitting around on one of the benches to relax. A few will take the opportunity to ‘shoot a few hoops’ into the basketball nets just outside the MUGA or play the giant sized Connect 4 game. Many pupils simply enjoy chatting with the members of staff on duty. The playground will enter its third phase of development in the summer of 2024 as we look to improve the playground area even further.