Occupational Therapy

We have a team of specialist Speech and Language Therapists with a wealth of experience in Education, particularly Special Educational Needs Provision, experienced in dealing with a wide range of speech, language and communication needs.

We recognise that communication is a basic human right and realise the importance of communication in all forms. This may include:

  • Shared experiences
  • Speech and spoken language
  • Natural gestures and Makaton signing
  • Photos and picture symbols
  • Objects of reference
  • High tech AAC (Voice output communication aids and computer-based systems)

Speech and Language Therapy is an integral part of school life at The Link. Therapists work closely with Class Teachers, Occupational Therapists, external professionals and Special Support Assistants to provide a whole school approach to improving the children’s communication skills, and to support their learning. Therapists work collaboratively with teachers in planning and differentiation providing ongoing in-house training and support across the school.

Speech and language Therapy is delivered through a combination of:

  • Direct one to one work
  • Paired or small groups
  • Whole class groups run jointly with teachers
  • Short courses of therapy interventions
  • Ongoing therapy programmes
  • Strategies implemented within the classroom
  • Liaison with school staff regarding the management and generalisation of therapy targets
  • Supporting additional classroom activities, community visits and assemblies

Therapists contribute annually to the EHCP review paperwork, write update/progress reports when needed and provide full speech & language reports for transition years, ensuring the most up to date information transfers with the children and ensuring the best next steps for all.

In addition, the Speech and Language Therapists attend the Annual Review meeting providing an opportunity to discuss the child’s progress and future targets. Therapists are available for other regular parent meetings with school staff and external professionals where appropriate.

Parents are kept informed about the work carried out during therapy and are supported in how to follow up at home if needed. There are also opportunities to attend parent workshops, training and information sessions throughout the year.

We welcome contact with parents and can be reached either through home-school books or by email or via the school office.