Our outreach teacher currently works regularly with 6 pupils but also accepts referrals for other young people in the local authority who may have difficulties with demand avoidance.

All pupils are on the roll of an educational establishment within mainstream or SEN placements. She works to advise schools and parents about meeting young people’s needs in their current educational placements or help parents and the local authority have a greater understanding of their complex needs to identify an appropriate placement.

The young people she works with have a range of interests. She immerses herself in their interest to build connection and is becoming an expert in Goat Simulator, Minecraft, a range of board and card games, lego, and making playdough models but is open to new interests to learn about.

She works to build trusting relationships which supports them to leave their parents for a short time and talk about their interest and anxieties.

The parents that the outreach teacher works with are, without exception, learning new strategies to support their young people and are increasingly able to help them manage their days with less dysregulation and anxiety.

Some outreach students are beginning to access activities in the local community with reduced anxiety. The ultimate focus of outreach is to work together with the young people and parents to help them be ready for placement in a school.

The outreach teacher currently works across 3 Boroughs with direct work with students and has been working in a fourth to advise about setting up a nurture setting to meet the needs of some of their students.