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The Sixth Form curriculum at the Link School reflects the school’s core visions of wellbeing, independence, communication and achievement.

It is broad, well balanced, engaging and ensures students make progress and are prepared for their next steps. Alongside core subject such as English and Maths, PE, IT, PSHE/RSE and Food Tech, students study Access which is a therapy-led class.

Access sessions are devised and run by the school’s speech and language therapists and the occupational therapists. The Access curriculum builds new skills and supports students to generalise and transfer existing skills into different contexts such as school, home and the wider community.

The Access curriculum focuses on:

  • Attention and listening, including the use of strategies for class.
  • Social communication such as starting conversations, turn taking, and communication in the community.
  • Life skills such as shopping, personal hygiene and being able to ask for help.
  • Confidence such as being able to express how you feel in a way that is accessible and personal to you, starting a conversation, and making decisions.
  • Developing and maintaining friendships.
  • Self-regulation such as knowing what makes you feel good, what triggers difficult emotions and how you can manage these.
  • Developing interests, leisure pursuits and hobbies.

Students also undertake 6 lessons per week of Community, Work and Leisure (CWL), in which they are encouraged to choose from options. This is to help develop skills such as shopping, social skills and travel training in real life situations. Progress is measured using the Link Priorities. Choices offered are led by students’ interests and have included enterprise, cycling and retail.

For CWL lessons, therapists and teachers work collaboratively to set functional targets based on the outcomes identified in the students’ EHCP. Where appropriate, therapists work on individual targets with students during CWL, so that practise is in context and in real life situations.

Students also spend one day per week at college taster session at Nescot College.