Music Therapy

A Music Therapist is a skilled musician who has completed a Department of Health approved Postgraduate Diploma in Music Therapy.

During the session the child is encouraged to use their voice and to experiment with the various percussion and melodic instruments available. These instruments can all be played by someone with no previous skill to create satisfying and expressive sounds. By responding musically the therapist is able to support and encourage this process of growth and discovery.

Sessions may also include the use of structured activities such as songs or musical games, when appropriate, verbal reflection on the music created or any issue arising.

The aims of Music Therapy are to:

  • Develop individuality, self-awareness, motivation, confidence, initiative, creativity and choice
  • Encourage communication skills
  • Help the child to relate to others and build rewarding relationships
  • Develop a positive and creative means of expressing feeling that, for whatever reason cannot be put into words