Primary Council

The School Council is made up of two representatives from each class. Frances McNaughton oversees the School Council’s activities and seeks to help the children influence school development. Each year the children identify targets from the whole school development plan that they wish to support.

This has included:

• Surveying the school to see what people would like in the playground.
• Fundraising for different charities including Macmillan Cancer Research, The Dementia Association and Down’s Syndrome Association.
• Making plans to visit other School Councils to see how they operate.

School staff have focused on how to make marking and feedback more relevant to children after pupils identified through the annual pupil survey that they needed more help to know how to improve their work.

Secondary & Sixth Form Council

As School Council representatives, students are actively involved in decision making within the school. This year they have given their input to several items including:

Appointment of new staff, interviewing all candidates for posts in the school

How the School could be better – this term, the Council have been working on a survey to gain the opinions of students about the school

British Values – for the next School Council meeting we will be looking for suggestions as to how we could further implement British Values at our school.

Fundraising Activities – the School Council will also be coming up with suggestions for fundraising for the school and PTA


Satellite Council

All students are welcomed to join student council in order to make suggestions and feel part of their community. Student council voice has seen students work towards ensuring that all peers’ opinions are respected, and they often like to run opinion polls to ensure that the collective student voice is clear, and any further action can be taken. This led to several events such as the Halloween/Autumn dress up day, fundraising for Children in Need and raising chicks from hatching.

Our school council helps raise money for the environment by selling self-published books at the Christmas fair; they also went to garden centre to choose plants to help our outdoor area and we conducted surveys to greater understand how others would like to improve the school. Here are some of their current aims:

  • Raising money for charity, especially Ukraine, through bake sales or charity football matches.
  • Making our way to becoming 0% waste within the next 5 years.
  • Starting clubs for learners to be a part of.
  • Planning events for learners, families and local community.
  • Exploring technology and how it can help our peers develop a curriculum