Welcome to The Link School - Sixth Form

The Link Sixth form is a happy, secure place to learn with many students often choosing to stay on after year 11. We also welcome students from other schools who meet our admission criteria.

Student life in the Sixth Form is largely about the transition to adulthood. Students in the Sixth Form do not wear school uniform. They have their own learning and social spaces within the secondary school and are treated as young adults.

As with the main school, students are taught in small classes and are supported by experienced professionals to facilitate students’ access to the curriculum and to ensure that their individual learning needs (such as language and communication) are met.

A core academic curriculum is provided to all students in the Sixth Form which allows them to develop important skills for adulthood and employment. Students also continue to work towards achieving qualifications in Maths, English, Food Tech and ICT.

Students are also encouraged to make choices in a new course; Community Work and Leisure (CWL). During CWL, students are off-site developing skills and experience whilst doing things they have chosen and enjoy.

In addition, students continue with the Access Programme which includes social skills, social communication, employability skills, and independent living skills. Speech and language therapy is an integral part of our Sixth Form provision.

Our students also have weekly access to a variety of vocational courses offered at Nescot, our local FE college partner.

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