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The Link School is a school for young people with Speech, Language and Communication Needs, including students whose communication needs are as a result of their Autistic Spectrum Condition.

Young people should present with a primary or significant delay or disorder in speech, language and communication. The speech, language and communication impairment and additional needs will be significant enough to prevent the young person from learning in a mainstream setting.

All young people must have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) or be in the process of an assessment for an EHCP.

Any other need such as hearing impairment, physical disability or emotional and behavioural disorder will be secondary to the language and communication impairment and will not be acute.

All young people will require an education programme delivered in a structured environment in which language and communication development forms an integral part.

All young people will require speech and language therapy intervention delivered through a variety of forms such as whole school approaches, small groups and / or one to one therapy.

On the Primary site pupils may range from learners who require one to one support for learning to pupils who can work in pairs or small groups for the majority of the curriculum.

On the Secondary site all young people are expected to work independently for a short time within the small classroom setting.

On the Primary site pupils may require support with basic self-help and toileting programmes.

By Secondary age all young people will be independent in basic self-care skills.

The satellite site caters for pupils with demand avoidant behaviour who have had challenges working in traditional learning groups, whether this has been in a mainstream setting or special school setting. Many of the children have a dual diagnosis of ASD and Attention deficit/ Hyperactivity needs. This site is appropriate for children who require a nurture based setting with a highly individualise learning programme.

Any placement at The Link will be as a result of careful consideration of the young person’s needs, how effectively the needs can be met and whether they can be met without detriment to other students already in the provision.

The Executive Principal and Governing body apply the regulations on admissions fairly and equally to all those who wish to attend the school.


Parents are welcome to visit the school for an individual tour with a member of the senior leadership team, although it should be noted that there can be no binding commitment about the pupil’s suitability, nor an offer of a place, before the LA has made a recommendation about placement.

The school has a philosophy of child centred learning where barriers to learning are considered from the outset with thought to the most appropriate provision to enable the child to overcome these barriers in their learning. The individual approach to admissions is considered important to help parents make the best and right decision for their child whether this is to finally be at The Link or another more appropriate school.

The Local Authority responsible for the child will need to support any application via a consultation process with the school. This will involve sending an official letter of consultation with any relevant paperwork, alongside the school inviting the child for a morning assessment. Consultation with parents and discussion with school professionals who have been involved in the assessment will also be an important part of the process.

Once the assessment process has been completed and the staff team agree that the needs and provision set out in the EHCP can be met, the responsible Local Authority will follow their procedures as to whether to agree to the placement and funding. Once agreed the Academy Admissions team will produce a funding agreement between the Academy and the Local Authority.

Our admissions range is from Reception to Year 13. Children usually enter the school at the start of the academic year; however admissions can take place across the school year. Admissions for each year group are determined using the same criteria, namely:

  • Whether The Link School would be suitable for the age, ability, aptitude or SEND of the child.
  • Whether the attendance of the child at The Link School would be compatible with the efficient education of others, or the efficient use of resources.
  • If there is a space in a compatible class, meaning there must both be a space in the relevant Key Stage and a space in a suitable class to meet the child’s needs.

The standard number of pupils on roll at The Link Primary is 126. Children are taught in small classes that usually have a maximum of 9 children. Pupils are grouped by their learning ability and learning style across the school to ensure they have an appropriate peer group and to make the best of their strengths as well as giving them the best opportunity to overcome their learning barriers. It is sometimes necessary to admit one child over another dependent upon whether there is a space available in the appropriate class for the pupil’s learning style and need.

Oversubscription criteria

If The Link School is oversubscribed but the needs of the child can be met, then the application will be added to a waiting list system for the relevant year group and type of need and reassessed if a place becomes available in an appropriate class.

If The Link School has exceeded the planned admission number (PAN) it may still be possible to offer a placement but the requesting LA would be required to fund an additional placement cost.

If you wish to visit please contact the school on 020 8688 7691 or email sramm@thelinkschool.co.uk

Please find below the Trust’s Admissions Policy

OHCAT Admissions Policy

Please find below the Admissions Procedure for The Link School

Admissions Procedure



Head of Site, Susan Denman
Office Manager, Susan Ramm

The Link School - Primary
138 Croydon Road

020 8688 5239



Head of Site, Hannah Wallwork
Office Manager, Karen Hayward

The Link School - Secondary
82-86 Croydon Road

020 8688 7691


Sixth Form

Head of Sixth Form, Lynn Shah
Office Manager, Karen Hayward

The Link School - Sixth Form
82-86 Croydon Road

020 8688 7691



Head of Site, Nicola Andrews
Admin Officer, Lucy Craft

The Link School - Satellite
Mollison Drive (Access via Lancastrian Road)

020 8176 9440


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