By Clair Hill - February 1st, 2024 | Posted in Article

The Secondary site had its carnival on Wednesday, at the Thomas More School’s pool. Events ranged from swimming the full length of the pool to walking and running races in the shallow end. The day was split into a KS3 (Yates, Weir and Tomlin classes) carnival and a KS4 (Fuller, Rowsell, Wood and Johnson classes) carnival.

Those students who chose not to swim attended so that they could cheer on their classmates. The most striking feature of the day was the students’ willingness to have a go at this all new event. Almost 80 percent of the students got in the water at some stage, either in individual events or in team relays.

Thank you to members of staff who helped on the day, especially the three lifesavers who stayed in the pool the whole day to make sure everyone was safe. Sandy Turner, Principal commented: “One change to next year’s event will be the introduction of longer distances for the KS4 carnival, as the students appeared capable of swimming for much further than we anticipated. I’m sure that this has come as a result of this being the second year we have run our Learn To Swim programme with the swimming instructors from Westcroft Pool.”

Thank you Thomas More School in Purley for kindly allowing us to use their facilities.