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Pioneer Class is the semi-formal to formal learning pathway class at the Satellite.

A typical day in Pioneer starts with breakfast and nurture in the mornings for the students in order to catch up and self-regulate before the day begins.

In the mornings Guided Reading, English and Maths are completed before lunch and afternoon play at midday.

In the afternoons, students work on topic, Cooking and PSHE lessons as well as personal projects. Community visits to the park, shops and the library also take place in the afternoons. Some of the topics we have covered in Pioneer so far include Healthy Eating, World War 2, Evolution and Inheritance, Volcanoes and Friendships.


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On Fridays, Crystal Palace Football Club come along to the Satellite Site and run training and skill sessions for the young people. At this time students from the Secondary School Site come over and join in. Satellite students from Pioneer also attend sessions at the Secondary School Site.