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Our autistic learners all show an additional profile of demand avoidance which does not gel well with traditional curriculum models. Whilst our learners can access strategies which enable them to balance their anxieties in order to be able to access learning, we know this learning needs to be meaningful and motivating.

Our classes are small, and skilled Special Support Assistants work alongside the class teacher to provide the approach our students need, building strong connections and trust with students so that they feel comfortable and supported to learn. Our mantra of the site is REGULATE- REACH- TEACH

“Backdoor learning” and nurture approaches prove the most effective system for our students, and we offer 3 curriculum pathways for our learners on the satellite site (informal, semi formal and formal). We do not have set topics of study but instead use learner motivations alongside assessment criteria to plan the curriculum offer. Our learners range from KS1- KS4 and each learner’s learning offer and journey is individualised to them to promote the best outcomes. Students who wish to gain qualifications on the formal pathway will study appropriate topics for the qualification.

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We will deliver a range of national curriculum subjects within all our learning approaches. Backdoor learning forms the main approach for our learners, however as learners’ anxieties reduce class teachers will be able to increase more traditional learning resources and styles, often referred to by students as ‘daily challenges’.

Alongside the academic subjects we recognise the significant and important social and regulatory skills that our learners need to develop in order to maintain successful skills within their social and academic worlds. These areas are as much a focus as the national curriculum subjects. All learners will work upon building their skills in relation to the satellite site Link Priorities and be set termly IEPS related to outcomes in their EHCP.

Please see the satellite curriculum document below for more detailed information.

Satellite Curriculum

Satellite Assessment Overview

Satellite Priorities