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Apollo is a semi-formal learning environment which is empowered through the core interests of the children. We aim to provide a wide curriculum accessed through backdoor learning and daily semi-formal activities. Through a thoughtful process and mutual understanding with the children, we aim to capture their passions to create an individual curriculum plan for each child.

A typical day in Apollo would consist of 20-30 minutes a day of semi-formal Math’s, English and Reading followed by a subject in the afternoon. Amongst the semi-formal learning, we encourage a child-led learning approach which incorporates Science, Computing, Citizenship/PSHE, Creative Arts, PE,  and Humanities.



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For example, a key interest could be Pokémon. Around this topic, we would enable all aspects of learning to build a cross-curricular plan. This could include a multitude of gateways such as adding and subtracting Pokémon statistics, looking at Pokémon or animal environments and creating own Pokémon cards to incorporate English, Reading, Maths and Art.