Occupational Therapy

The Speech and Language Therapy team for the Sixth Form are made up of specialist therapists who are experienced in working with students aged 11-19 years with a wide range of speech, language and communication needs.

Therapists are employed directly by the school and work across Key Stages 3, 4 and the 16+ provision.

We recognise that communication is a basic human right and realise the importance of communication in all forms. This may include:

  • Shared experiences
  • Speech and spoken language
  • Natural gestures and Makaton signing
  • Photos and picture symbols
  • Objects of reference
  • High tech AAC (Voice output communication aids and computer based systems)

How is Speech and Language Therapy delivered?

A speech and language therapist is assigned to each class in order to support the students in all areas of communication. Therapists work closely with Class Teachers, Occupational Therapists, external professionals and Special Support Assistants to provide a whole school approach to improving the children’s communication skills, and to support their learning.

Speech and language therapy intervention is delivered through a combination of individual, paired and small group sessions, support in the classroom, timetabled whole class Access sessions to teach skills that underpin the curriculum and community access visits to support functional communication.

The work of the therapists is integrated across the school day in order help students generalise their skills into ‘real life’ situations (e.g. lunch and break times, school trips, shopping, travel, sport, links with local schools and colleges).

Therapists are heavily involved in the EHCP process. They write update and progress reports and provide full speech & language reports for transition years. The therapist also attends the EHCP meeting.

To help you monitor your child’s progress, students receive individual targets and reviews twice a year and termly Access curriculum targets and reviews.