At The Link Sixth Form we are committed to creating opportunities for all our pupils that enrich their learning and social skills. We offer a diverse range of after-school and lunch clubs through which we make the most of our staff’s knowledge and expertise. Details of clubs on offer are sent out at the beginning of each term and have included gardening, IT and crafts. Often the Sixth Form students assist with running these clubs. Other enrichment activities have included cycling at the David Weir leisure centre and an enterprise event ‘Know your Onions’ in which the students grew vegetables and sold what they had grown in Croydon market.

Community Engagement

We are not only committed to making strong links within the school but we extend this ethos out into the local community. We frequently invite carefully selected organisations into the school to expand the children’s knowledge of their community for both social and educational benefit. Visitors have included the police, Keen-2-Go and Sutton support.


sea life centre brighton

School Trips

We are also committed to providing out-of-school opportunities for our students. Educational visits enable us to take children’s learning to a higher level and provide them with experiences that help them to put skills and other learning into real life practical situations. This year sixth form students have visited the Science Museum and taken part in STEM workshops at Thorpe Park and a Shakespeare workshop at the Globe Theatre. All of the students have the opportunity to compete in regional sporting competitions regardless of their ability.