Parent Feedback

Working closely with pupils’ families is a crucial part of our work at The Link School. Your feedback helps us to focus on key areas for improvement and the issues that are important to you and your child.

Comments from parents and carers:

It’s been a bumpy road for my son, but he seems to be making so much progress, is actually enjoying his work and learning. He says he loves his school.”

“Great school, lovely staff that give so much support and understanding, it has been a life saver not just for my son but for us as parents too.”

“The Link School for us have been a reassuring hand on our shoulder, listening, understanding and supporting us through the highs and the lows of our son’s school  journey.”

“The Link School has given me and my son a future, we both feel listened to which in turn makes me a better mum and my son a happier child. He has achieved so much that I feel wouldn’t have been achieved if it wasn’t for all the wonderful staff and opportunities that the link have given us. The relationship between us and the staff and how we work as a team make it feel like extended family. Thank you to you all.”

“The Link School has been such a godsend to our family. School used to be an everyday battle for my daughter, her anxiety was through the roof and it was easily a 10 minute struggle to leave her at the gate every morning. Since she’s started with the Link, she barely turns around to say goodbye and her confidence has soared. I will forever be grateful to all of the staff for making her feel safe and heard.”

“My child is thriving and is given appropriate and new challenges to stimulate his learning development.”

The school is great in so many ways. There is a calm and safe atmosphere in this school. Staff are friendly and respectful to students which is refreshing.


My daughter’s confidence is rising thanks to the school.


My son feels wanted and included.  He understands himself and others better.


Everything is perfect.


Communication is great and the teaching excellent.  All the staff are fantastic.  The school timetable is really well-balanced and the leadership team are all brilliant.  My son is very happy at this school.  I really can’t tell you how pleased we are with your school.