Careers education, information and guidance has a high profile in the school, with the statutory Gatsby Benchmarks underpinning the programme. Careers at the Link starts from year 7 and is well integrated into the curriculum. Students are enabled to explore their own career aspirations throughout their life at school and make informed decisions about their future career pathways through a programme of curricular and extracurricular activities. The programme aims to encourage students to be ambitious, broaden their horizons and explore their own career aspirations throughout their life at school, enabling them to make informed decisions about their future career pathways. By Sixth Form we ensure that students are ready to take the next steps and know what leading a meaningful life with purpose means for them. In addition to the work in the curriculum we engage our local community and create links with employers, employees and the world of work. We fully support parents and students throughout the application process for college, or their chosen next step.

As part of our Careers Education programme in the Sixth Form each student:

  • Receives bespoke advice and monitoring on careers that are linked to their interests and abilities. This advice is independently provided by an external organisation partnering with us for the delivery of high-quality provision.
  • Has the opportunity to visit colleges and career fairs including John Ruskin, Carshalton and Croydon college.
  • Receives college interview guidance
  • Attends guest speaker events in careers that are of their interest, both at school and externally.
  • Attend an internal careers fair in school
  • Attend a minimum of a 5 days work experience in an area of their interest, linked to advice and guidance received as part of their independent careers interview.
  • Work with the therapy team to identify and assist with next steps such as travel training

Please check our Careers Statement and Provider Access Policy for more information on this important aspect of our work.