Remote Home Learning – Sixth Form

Remote Learning Policy

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Remote Learning Procedure 

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When remote home learning is required, our offer is as follows – work/activity packs sent home on a weekly basis, regular remote on-line sessions  via zoom for all pupils (as deemed appropriate for their needs and ability to access).

These include:

  • Subject specific lessons from all teachers at all key stages
  • Therapy sessions led by therapists including SLT and OT specialists
  • Mindfulness sessions
  • Whole-school social sessions

All sessions are supported by our team of Special Support Assistants and students also have access to various online learning platforms; Purple Mash, Lexia, Mathletics and Mathseeds.

Timetables and Zoom sessions

Timetables and details for Zoom sessions are accessible via ParentMail on a daily basis.

If you have any questions regarding remote home learning please contact Karen Hayward on 020 8688 7691 or email .

Are there any underpants in space?

Why do aliens fly down to earth?

Which are their favourite pants?

What games do they play with the pants?

Where do they wear the pants?

Would you like to meet an alien? Why?

If you enjoyed the story, click here for some fun alien activities!

‘Tyrannosaurus Drip’ by Julia Donaldson.

The story is about a little dinosaur who is in the wrong nest. He may look small and weedy but Tyrannosaurus Drip is very brave and very clever!

Now listen to the story and then answer the questions:

What dinosaurs live in water?

What do they eat?

What does Tyrannosaurus Rex like to eat?

How did Tyrannosaurus Drip trick them?

Who is your favourite dinosaur in the story?

Why do you like them?

‘Monkey Puzzle’ by Julia Donaldson.

The story is about a monkey who loses his mum. A butterfly finds the upset monkey and offers to help. But the butterfly keeps on getting it wrong! Will monkey ever find his mum?

Now listen to the story and then answer the questions:

1. Name 3 animals in the story.

2. Which animal has a tusk, a curly trunk and great thick baggy knees?

3. Which animal has feathery wings and squawks?

4. Which animal slithers about and says ‘hiss’?

5. What is your favourite animal in the story?

6. Why do you like it?

COVID 19 Outbreak Management Plan

In the event of a COVID 19 outbreak, click here to view our COVID 19 management plan