By Clair Hill - June 8th, 2024 | Posted in Article

For the final three days before the half term break, ten of our Key Stage 3 students from the Secondary site took part in our annual school camp. The venue was the beautiful camp site at the Frylands Woods Camp centre. We stayed in their main dormitory and spent three days and two nights there. The students helped cook their meals and clean up afterwards and were responsible for tidying their respective communal rooms.

The first day of camp had the most exciting activities, which were Tomahawk Throwing and Air Rifle Shooting. Despite the dangerous sounding nature of these activities, the students took part without incident. They loved both and quickly improved over the course of the sessions to be quite accurate with both.

The following days involved climbing walls, obstacle courses, outdoor pizza sessions, grass sledding, evening bonfires and tunnelling. However, it was in the quieter moments that the camp really paid dividends for our students. It was a pleasure to see how well they all got on, despite being from three different classes. The highlight was the sunny Thursday afternoon when the students started out grass sledding on the neighbouring field. From there they started building things with the car tyres that were part of the obstacle course. They then proceeded to make up new games and involve each other. This play continued for three hours and was only stopped because we had to go in and start making dinner.

One of the key motivations behind the camp was to get the students offline and away from mobile devices. That Thursday afternoon in particular showed how capable the students were of entertaining themselves without digital stimuli. Just using their imaginations and being out in the fresh air was a joy to see.

We will run the camp at the same time next year but at a different venue, still to be confirmed, so that those students who took part this year get to experience something different. We hope that they will be joined by a new batch of KS3 students looking to have some fun away from home and out in nature.