By Clair Hill - May 30th, 2024 | Posted in Article

In Pioneer, students have been exploring The Ancient Egyptians and their importance in history and
what they have contributed to in the modern world. Students have also been improving their ability to
tell the time, using digital and analogue clocks. They have applied their knowledge to their school day
and the daily timetable.  An amazing and delicious cake was also baked, to celebrate a student’s birthday.

In Artemis, students are exploring all the different types of Roman Gladiators and the excitement of
the games in The Colosseum. We will be attempting to recreate a 3D arena and design our own individual Roman shields. The students have designed Roman coins from clay, and we studied their relevance and worth, in trading and everyday Roman life. In cooking, Artemis will be making Roman garlic bread and tasting dips that might have accompanied them. Our Hama Bead sale raised an amazing amount for the students’ class trips fund. Thank you everyone for your support!

In Apollo, students completed their Geography fieldwork by creating their own maps including compass points and a key. They also made Mexican tacos as part of their tasting food from around the World topic. The children enjoyed tasting the spicy and cooling foods and experimented with flavours!

Hubble have been carrying out “eggsperiments” – they left eggs in different liquids overnight to see
the effect they had on them. They tried tried vinegar, milk, water, apple juice, coke and washing up liquid. Also, after selling their biscuits at PDA day recently, they are going to go to McDonald’s to spend their earnings.