By Clair Hill - July 17th, 2023 | Posted in Article

Last week, as part of the careers curriculum at The Link (secondary site), students participated in World of Work (‘WoW’). Each tutor group chose a product or a service and had a £25 float to start them off. They spent two days shopping for/making and then marketing and selling their products. The range in the WoW market was amazing. Students ended up presenting their project to the whole school.

Branson class split into two and ran a beauty parlour alongside gaming,
both of which were really popular. Their posters and advertising campaign were great and they won the award for marketing.

Yates made yummy pizza. They won the award for the best presentation as it was lovely to see them speak so confidently.

Weir class decided they wanted to make a game. They won the award for best teamwork because, through working
together, they came up with ‘Weir Wonderland’, involving fun and games in the Muga. I have never had sponges thrown at me before, but it was all good fun!

Tomlin made snow cones and mocktails and had a lovely party vibe going on at their stall. They won the prize for resilience and hard work.

Fuller sold slushies and made the PE shed in to a lovely café. They even made their own syrup from fresh fruits. They won the prize for          the best stall.

Rowsell decided they wanted to do something that would be healthy and good for the environment. They decided to sell
tomato plants. They won the award for sustainability.

Wood made some beautiful sewing kits with fantastic designs. They sold out won the award for most profit made.
It was a lovely experience and a great way for students to learn skills vital for the world of work.