By Clair Hill - July 17th, 2023 | Posted in Article

Last week we welcomed back last year’s leavers for a coffee morning. It was a great chance for old friends to catch up and share some of their words of wisdom with those who will be moving onto different colleges in September.
It was so lovely to see George, Kelson, Emily and Arlind again and hear all about how they are getting on at college. They all shared lots of positive experiences and it was clear to see what confident and independent young people they are!

George (Nescot): “It’s really good, I’ve made some really good friends who I think will be friends for life….The hardest part is probably getting used to the different days – sometimes I have to be in college for 8:30am, sometimes it’s not until
10:30am… The adults are all really helpful.”

Kelson (Carshalton): “I was nervous, but you get used to it. The best part is probably going somewhere that’s bigger, and my social life is so much better…I would say just be positive and be you…”

Arlind (Bromley, Nido Volans): “It is really fun… I get to do Art and ICT… I have new friends and we take selfies together! I stayed away for 4 nights at a lodge!”

Emily (OHCAT): “I was so nervous and worried, but it gets better… I’m so much more confident and learning about being more independent – I go out with my friends to get lunch by myself now! You will love it, and you get to know new people and make new friends.”