By Clair Hill - June 24th, 2024 | Posted in Article

Last Thursday Johnson class returned to Newmarket Holidays. As part of our commitment to the South London Careers Hub’s pilot partnership scheme between employers and schools/colleges, their People and Culture team have visited The Link School to introduce Newmarket Holidays and inspire the young people about careers in travel. They then invited the same group to Cantium House to investigate and explore a working environment. Thursday’s visit was a return for an immersive experience in the office. Newmarket had set a competition to develop a product concept.

Students chose a destination and created a brochure page. The three best were chosen to take part in a workshop to expand upon and improve their destination presentation.
Students then delivered their ideas as a presentation to a judging panel. All were recognised with a Spirit certificate for Being Determined. The overall winners received an Amazon voucher. Well done to Luke McCarthy and to his team for his idea of ‘Fun Florida’, and to Tomas and Ayaan who helped with the presentation. Judges liked his attention to detail and the exciting activities he had suggested.

Nikki at Newmarket Holidays says ‘I’ve been so impressed from the get-go with their positivity, the passion and enthusiasm for the product challenge, and working as teams to get the task done and to deliver their presentations. Being out of school with a bunch of strangers is challenge enough for these youngsters; to deliver presentations to a judging panel is embracing change at a whole different level. So much respect for this group and their teachers and support team’.

In addition, they were so impressed with Owen’s IT skills and professional attitude they have offered him work experience which is a great opportunity. Well done.
Furthermore, Nikki is happy to come back to The Link and help students develop their CVs and interview skills.
The Sixth form are getting ready to do a fundraising sleepover at school in the coming weeks and as a thank you to Newmarket for their help and support, we plan to donate proceeds to their charity partner, Just a Drop. More details on how you can donate to follow later.