By Clair Hill - March 20th, 2023 | Posted in Article

The Sixth Form visited the Honeywood museum in Carshalton last week during a Community Work
and Leisure (CWL) lesson. They really enjoyed listening to the curator, Jane, talking about the
house and its history. It was fascinating to learn all about how the family lived over 100 years ago.
The students were really interested in handling and learning about the objects used in the olden
days. They decided the most useful object would be a bed warmer.

They also talked about how much more difficult and physical house chores must have been. They all
loved looking at the photos of Carshalton and surrounding area. In particular, the different clothes
and the muddy roads were causes of amazement.

After a break in their lovely café, the students had a tour around the rooms of the house. Their favourite room by far was the room showcasing the toys of one of the former residents. It was fun to see how many games still exist today, such as Ludo and Snakes and Ladders.

The Sixth form really recommend you go. One of the students said ‘It was fun and I liked the history
of it’. Honeywood Museum now holds special ‘quiet days’ for people with special needs and disabilities and their families, giving them a chance to enjoy the museum at their own pace, free from the general public. Sensory sacks will be available and Millie the Mouse, the new Heritage
Service Mascot will featuring in trails and activities. Although free of charge, tickets need to be
booked in advance (max. 6 per family) via Eventbrite.