By Clair Hill - December 4th, 2023 | Posted in Article

Anyone driving past the primary site today, may have wondered why there was such a huge police presence at the front of the school. But worry not…… Oak Class had a visit from our local police team as part of their topic “people who help us” and had such fun looking at the police car, flashing the lights and learning about what the police have to do if they are called to an incident. Marigold liked the idea of being a figure of authority, whilst Ben was transfixed on the dashboard and all the gadgets the police car had Theo asked to sit in the back and wanted to speed along the road – unfortunately on this occasion he couldn’t do that!

Rishaan decided that he wanted to arrest Kacey May, his teacher and take her to the cells in the police station, telling everyone “she makes me do too much work”. A lovely time was had by all,
interacting with our local police force, who have extended an invitation to visit them at Sutton Police Station.