By Clair Hill - July 14th, 2023 | Posted in Article

School councillors from our secondary site went on a trip to the Houses of Parliament. They arrived at the Education Centre just after 10 o’clock and we were greeted by the tour guide, Lorraine. They went through an airport style security check – their bags were scanned and they had to walk through a metal detector. The students then went into an interactive room where they experienced a surround-sound and video presentation of the history of Parliament. The group then walked across the courtyard to Parliament itself and watched Parliament in action! The group sat in the gallery of the House of Commons and watched a debate and then went into the main lobby to continue their tour and learn more about the history and people who work there.
Once the tour was finished, the group had their lunch in the park in the glorious weather and then headed back to the mini bus, walking through Central London and taking in the breath-taking