By Clair Hill - July 14th, 2023 | Posted in Article

We always love to hear how our ex pupils are getting on and we wanted to share an update on Jesse, who attended the primary school many years ago. Jesse is now 17 years of age and is over 6ft tall. He attends Treehouse School and aims to move onto college at 19. His interests include playing the drums, sailing and birdwatching. He loves nothing more than going out to search for birds and recognises their bird call without even seeing them. He recently attended a Scout Camp.
Jesse and Mum still have fond memories of The Link. Pamela says she honestly doesn’t think he would have made such tremendous progress in all areas of life without the incredible academic and pastoral support he received at The Link. Mum said she cried after first visiting The Link, whilst battling for a special school and cried again when he won a place at Tribunal. She also cried when the time came for Jesse to move on.
She wanted to send her thanks to the staff, who were all incredible and said it is truly an outstanding school, special in every way. She will never stop appreciating the groundwork The Link put him into
making him the young person he is today.
Those words sum up what our aim is for every child who passes through the doors of our school – “We dig deep to aim high” helping children overcome their barriers, providing a firm foundation for them to build on, as they move through life.