By Clair Hill - February 16th, 2023 | Posted in Article

Across all three sites, we have made a concerted effort to make meaningful connections this week. Be it painting each other’s faces with such care and precision or connecting via music, joining together in rhythm, creating a pleasing tempo for all to hear.

Creativity holds no bounds where Matilda from Beech Class is concerned. She has been connecting closely with Saima and
has made a fantastic cat house, which is almost as tall as she is. The intricate design and detail cannot really be appreciated in the photo below, but has produced many ‘Wows’ from all who have seen it.

We also celebrated Dress to Express Day. On Thursday, students and staff were encouraged to come dressed in clothes that expressed part of their personality. At the secondary site, many of the students enjoyed the freedom to come in their own clothes and they had a huge fashion range from trendy, comfy, to funky, being expressed. Students looked fantastic and it was great to learn more about what was important to them including their favourite football teams. Some students really enjoyed dressing to express even more. We had a Harry Potter fan, a dinosaur and an animal loving vet. One student came with green hair, expressing their great sense of humour and fun. We also had students show hobbies like Minecraft, as well as students
proudly showing their culture through national dress. Staff also came in national dress as well as pyjamas and as Dr. Doctor Who