By Clair Hill - February 13th, 2024 | Posted in Article

This week the Satellite site have been celebrating Earth Day. We have been looking at the importance of global recycling and how that affects our land, oceans and atmosphere. The students have embraced recycling paper and plastic in each class, and have even started collecting crisp packets to take to a local recycling point nearby. Workstations were set up to help pupils how to “save our sea creatures”. Rubbish was taken from mini ocean trays and sorted into recycling groups. Climate change was also a big topic of exploration. The students froze various items and waited to see how they melted in different environments. The most popular activity was the endangered species scavenger hunt! Using tick sheets, the students found the animal fact sheets across site and discovered the importance of their survival and preservations. A lot of beautiful and colourful artwork was produced
to support all the learning activities.